Garage Space


About the Band

Our Story

A three piece act, comprised of percussionist Benjamin Graham, guitar&vocalist Zac Burd, and bass guitar&vocalist Chris Grenade. Hailing from the city of McKeesport, located in the Greater Pittsburgh Area of western Pennsylvania, USA. The sound originates from a natural writing process that is produced by the band’s actual lives, sort of a soundtrack to memories, and at times can be very intense for the band. Zac Burd and Chris Grenade grew up together in the McKeesport city area, only 15 minutes east of Pittsburgh. A former “steel” city, it is now a shadow of its former self. Too many of their friends have fallen victim to crime and addiction, in some ways the two of them have also been afflicted by these same influences. These themes are highly evident in the music, giving a fast, crazy, serious, and sometimes dark color. The wide scope of the band’s debut self-titled EP, has intense vocal harmonies throughout, mesmerizing folk influenced material of the 60’s and 70’s, high gravity lyrics, then at some point the act will turn into a foot stomping, rowdy, hardcore, surf act that can whip a crowd into something similar to a drunken Irish mob. The name “Garage Space” comes from an idea that garage bands can be a product of their environment and the band intends to take those influences to infinity or “space”. 

Our debut self-titled album is now available on all online media outlets, take a listen to our single "Smackhorse" and full album for free on YouTube: